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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 28, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a sea of lights tonight, as uc berkely remembers the shooting victims in santa barbara. they say that they are all one community. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. hundreds gathered on the campus of uc berkely tonight, to hold a vigil for those killed last week. the show of solidarity remembering six lives gunned down in a rampage. joined now with the message many students want to send.
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>> reporter: the student who organized this vigil says this is a way for the universal community to heal and move forward in the face of such a horrific attack. at dusk, uc berkely students and uc santa barbara students and alumni held candles. they say they are one community. >> the biggest reason i feel like i had to stand for you all today was because george and david were students of mine last spring. we are all very close. >> reporter: many alumni live in the bay area. this vigil is a rite of passage to healing and the restoration
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of faith. >> it is a standing up against darkness, and evil. in the wake of a tragedy of such overpowering scale. it is an affirmation of the good in human behavior. >> reporter: many say their hearts are broken, but not their spirit. >> people are inherently good people, but it's hard to hold onto that in the face of such tragedy. i'm hoping things like tonight will help renew my faith in who we are. >> reporter: friends of the victim said they never thought they would lose them so soon. >> i would like everyone to take a moment and remember the love that you have for your friends and family, and the tact that you have them in your life. >> reporter: letting them know, they are one community. reporting live here at uc berkely, amber lee, ktvu,
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channel 2 news. >> at uc santa barbara, students returned to class today for the first time since the shootings. the university has canceling services in place for students still shaken by the violence. east bay assembly woman nancy skinner said she is proposing legislation aimed at preventing another massacre like the one at ucsb. it would allow police to get a court order to confiscate someone else's weapons if family or friends report risks of violence. >> also to put the individual on the list that would not allow them to purchase a gun. >> skinner says the situation in santa barbara might have been different if such a low had been in place. she also says a similar sort of restraining order already exists for felons, and in cases of domestic violence. fire officials lifted an evacuation order tonight for residents in danger of the
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hunter's fire. it started monday and has burned about 1300 acres. cal fire says the fire is about 12% contained. it destroyed two unoccupied homes and an outbuilding. there are reports five people have been injured. all highway ramps are back open tonight on the 780/80 connector in vallejo. a brush fire started about 3:40 this afternoon. heavy smoke made for a tough commute, no one was hurt. a red fire danger is in effect for solano county. now to a major drug raid in the east bay that ended today with a string of arrests. ktvu's mike mibach learned that one of the drugs that the suspects were allegedly making was a powerful prescription
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sedative. >> dea agents, guns in hand, dea agents in white protective suits. we can't show you their faces, but they were everywhere. >> wild. what's going on now. >> it's large, i can't go into specific details, but it goes beyond the bay area. >> reporter: he says it goes international. inside, office units 2 and 4 of this industrial park on solano way, barrels of drugs, drug making agreements and materials. >> i can't go into details, but it's been going on a number of months. >> reporter: one source says tens of thousands of pills, xanax, not only being pushed from out of here, but being made here. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: he saw nothing out of the ordinary in the two office units, but says his neighbor did see a number of individuals. >> my neighbor said he saw they were over there for 24 hours a
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day. that seemed kind of strange for around here. >> reporter: agent goldberg says at least seven people were arrested. after its eight month long investigation, multiple search warrants, including multiple law enforcement agencies were involved. >> it's a constant battle. we feel real good about our efforts to try to reduce the amount of drugs on the streets that are available for our teens and young adults. >> reporter: units 2 and 4 are blank. the 7 suspects arrested are expected to be in federal court in oakland tomorrow morning. all the details related to the charges, including estimated value of the drugs remain under seal. vice president joe biden arrived in the bay area today for two fundraising events. his motorcade arrived at the fairmont hotel in san francisco this evening, after a stop this afternoon at an undisclosed private home. it's been almost a year since the vice president last visited
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san francisco. he has no public appearances scheduled for this trip. now to election 2014. there are just six days before california's primary. ktvu's ken pritchett live with why undecided voters will make the difference here. >> reporter: people are already voting early, frank, in this primary election. city hall is one of the places you can do that. turn out tuesday is expected to be very light with many voters still undecided. all can agree, governor brown will easily win the top spot at the primary. the battle is for second, and it's between two gop candidates who are not yet household names. a new golden state poll from the hoover institute shows governor brown with a 36% lead. the real race between donna
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lee, with 12% and kash kari. 42% say they are still undecided. >> all of the poles that have come out recently have shown a lead for assemblyman donnelly still. but a huge number are undecided this late in the election, is pretty surprising. >> reporter: corey cook says the race is still wide open. kari has spent millions of dollars in the campaign. yet trails donnelly, who is not advertised, and has run a more grassroots campaign. california republican party vice chairman dylan says the candidates have left a large block of voters undecided. >> they may see something they like in each of them, but don't necessarily like the whole package. >> some say the race will set the tone for california's gop
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in the future. others disagree. >> the big concern with donnelly, is he so alienates independent voters and younger voters, he's a drown on the race in november. >> our party is defined on the local elected officials throughout the state. >> reporter: this was taken before kash kari poured more money in. ktvu, channel 2 news. bay area counties are looking for poll workers for next week's primary. santa clara county is really hurting. the registrar of voters says that county still needs more than 800 volunteers. the county has the added challenge of finding people who speak a second language.
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with a friday legislative dead line looming, a bill to give san francisco the ability failed in the senate. it would have required san francisco property owners to own a property for five continuous years before tenants could be evicted. friday is the last date in this legislative session that the bill with move from one house to the other. the world has lost a treasure. maya angelou died today at the age of 86. to say that she was a poet, and author, and an activist, doesn't even begin to describe her. she's also one of the 25 humanitarians demanded in the sculpture. >> extremely privileged to
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actually have one-on-one time with her in trying to understand her character, where she came from in order to understand how to create the sculpture of her. >> kyoto says he was struck by her strength as well as her compassion and sensitivity. he also said she was very modest, and had difficulty looking at her likeness. coming up at 10:30, how angelou broke barrierses as a young person, and her son, and what he will remember the most. >> we talked with the man behind the hiddencash twitter handle. why he says it's much more than a stunt. >> wind gusts at 30 miles an hour around the coast. i'm track track -- tracking
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood.
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happening now, the fate of a charter school hanging in the balance tonight as school leaders consider a plan to close the campus. parents and educators came out to show their support at the ec reames academy. district officials say money and academic problems have plagued that charter school, which serves about 240 students. jana katsuyama is live in oakland tonight, where a decision just came down.
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>> reporter: the meeting is still going on, but the board voted 4-2 to deny a renewal of the school's charter. this came about an hour after very emotional testimony. they came armed with signs and impassioned speeches. >> i support they will, 100%. >> ec reames is my home. ec reames is our home. >> reporter: supporters of the k through 8 charter school say the board should not shut it down. >> the school has done so much for so many families. families that are living in hotels. their kids are looking forward to coming to school, outside of what they're facing at home. >> reporter: the district says the three primary reasons the charter should not be renewed is the academic performance is far below three schools in the neighborhood. >> they were taking out a loan against future anticipated
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earnks. money they would receive from the state in future years in order to meet their payroll. that's very concerning. >> reporter: the district says the school has not been able to pay the district for required special education services. one of oakland's first charter schools founded in 1998. the executive director says they aim to repay the loans next year, and the lower test scores does not get 95% of their students on the path to college. >> we have 82% african americans and most schools in the area have 32, to 35% african americans. so if you're looking for similarities, they don't exist. >> reporter: the director of the school says they plan to fight the board's decision, and they will appeal this with the county, and if necessary, take it to the state board of education. jana katza in -- katsuyama
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ktvu, channel 2 news. court papers claim, nicholas luminey was allowed to supervise children alone. a spokesperson says she hasn't seen the lawsuit. he pleaded not guilty to charges that he molested a 6- year-old, and three other girls. his preliminary hearing is set to start august 18. treated sewage used for drinking water. critics call it toilet to tap. but pleasantton revealed today its plan to fight the drought involves recycling more water. how this city is hoping to get people over the ick factor. >> reporter: val vista park, with purple irrigation systems. for the last few weeks, reclaimed water has come from
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the sewage plant next door. >> it actually helps us save water. >> reporter: these fields are just the beginning. today, water strapped pleasanton revealed plans to break drought's grip. >> we're going to have come up with new ways to use the water we have. >> initially, to irrigate businesses, and parks. but possibly the year after for homes. yes, drinking reclaimed wastewater. >> it would go in the ground water, and you could bring it out and drink it in the regular system. >> experts tell us the technology is here. and once you get over the yuck factor, you realize that all of our water is recycled. >> i'm hoping the drought will get rid of the yuck factor that people have. >> reporter: pleasanton shares san ramon's sewage treatment plant right now, disposing millions of gallons in the bay.
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>> to make the water safe for human consumption, and irrigation and other purposes. >> now to be using recycled water for drinking water, that scares me. >> reporter: the state is said to change rules in two years to allow treated water for drinking. pleasantton may not have mandatory rationing today. there's no reason to think bay area water worries will ever disappear. john also tell us, that in addition to being sustainable, the city believes that recycling water will cost less in the long run. two counties may soon join the movement to succeed from california. voters will decide next week whether to support a breakaway northern state. three other counties have already signed onto the idea. venture capitalist tim draper recently proposed splitting
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california into six different states, including a northern state called jefferson. he says he has enough signatures to get his proposal on the november ballot, but the move would require approval from the state legislature, and from congress. temperatures today a lot like they were yesterday. we had lots of 80s. 83 in napa. 81 in fairfield and 85 in antioch. temperatures tomorrow, a lot like today. that means plenty of 80s in the inland bay valleys. the rest of us are going to see temperatures in the mid-70s. we had really strong onshore winds. that has made it tough for the fog to farm. satellite imagery has no fog along the coast. there is a strong sea breeze. the winds blowing in off the pacific are blowing pretty strong. in the valleys, they've got a northerly component to them. national weather service out of sacramento has issued a red flag warning for these areas that includes fairfield, vallejo, and vacaville. let's keep an eye on that.
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that's tomorrow night until 11:00. it's a low grade red flag warning. you can almost feel it out there. doesn't feel like a high fire danger. but in the valley, the winds are blowing north, and that's causing a problem. it was gusting earlier at san francisco airport up to 30 miles per hour. now it's sustained winds to 17 miles per hour. the winds are going to die down. but tomorrow is basically what we had today. temperatures in the 70s, mid- and low. mid-80s inland, and no fog along the coast with 60s. we'll get you into the bay area weekend, and there's some significant changes coming. a little bit of drizzle possible, and certainly a cool down. we'll lay that down for you, i'll see you you at 10:45. star wars director, george lucas may have a tough decision to make when it comes to his planned movie museum. san francisco will offer lucas prime real estate to build it across from pier 30. chicago has also offered lucas
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a museum site near soldier field. the museum will house art, and hollywood memorabilia. lucas is expected to make his decision by the end of the summer. envelopes filled with cash, and clues posted on twitter. tonight at 10:30, we talked to the man behind the scavenger hunt, taken the bay area by storm. >> her brother's body was found, but she still questions how he died. >> i'm constantly waking up
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets.
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democrat john perez for controller. new details tonight on the suspensions of four san francisco firefighters after a crash involving a fire truck that injured a motorcyclist last year. station 1 firefighter, michael quinn, who drove the truck, resigned from the department,
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and now faces three felony dui charges. assistant chiefs, art kenny, and david franklin are facing 10 day, and 8 day suspension respectively. they responded to the scene to administer drug and alcohol tests to quinn, who had left the scene. officials with the firefighter's union said the men did nothing wrong. >> notify the higher ups in command, and they eventually found the driver of the fire truck, brought him back, and got the police involved. >> station 1 firefighters were on the rig that night, and both face 30 day suspensions. the men say they will fight their suspensions before the commission. for more than a year, the family of a mentally ill man found floating in the estuary has pressed for answers. here now with their long wait for information. >> reporter: frank, that family obviously stunned by the death. only adding to their sadness, they suffered for months not
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knowing exactly what happened. some people come to the scenic and serene oakland estuariy to escape. peggy came to confront a haunting reality. >> it's hard to realize that i won't be able to do that. and spend time with him. >> reporter: here in the water near estuary park is where gale's brother was founds december 31, 2012. >> i want to know if it's possible to find out what happened. you get a call. my little brother is found floating in the estuary. >> reporter: the alameda county coroner determined that he died of natural causes. a year later, gale was notified
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that the cause of death changed to drawning. >> became submerged in water, unknown. >> reporter: drowned, but how. >> how did this happen, and how come nobody noticed? it's hard for me to believe that nobody saw anything. >> reporter: determined to some the death, she flew in from los angeles. >> a year ago, my brother was found in the estuary. >> i don't know anything about it. >> showed pictures of remember brother, and explained her need to find answers. >> i'm constantly waking up in the night, wondering, is anybody going to do anything? and can there be some closure here? >> those conversations, those posters failed to turn up any new information. we should say oakland police do not suspect any foul play here, and i spoke with her and she said while she finally feels like she is at peace with what happened, she's still trying to make peace over what happened
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in the past. >> i hope she can find it. thank you, heather. the wife of donald sterling has now received at least four bids for the l.a. clippers. shelly is working quickly so sell the team. next tuesday, the nba will decide whether to strip control of the clippers from the sterling family. last week, donald sterling gave her permission to seek a suiter for the team, but yesterday, his attorney said he was going to fight until the end. a new road block in the search for malaysia flight 370. then at 10:45, conserving water amid california's drought. the concern not all cities are doing what they can, even within the same water district. >> up first, a
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it's a scavenger hunt that has gone viral. the person leaves clues on twitter. today, allie rasmus sat down with the anonymous man behind that hiddencash phenomenon. >> reporter: when we walked through the san jose parking lot with the man known on twitter as hiddencash, not a single person noticed him taping up this envelope full of money. >> recognize the top? by oak ridge, you can see a bank and cascading mermaid from here. >> reporter: carlos from san jose had the envelope and extra cash. >> 225. >> reporter: even after they were long gone, the treasure
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hunters kept going. >> a treasure hunt to me is really exciting, gives me something to do. >> reporter: they had no idea, the man who left the cash here had blended back into the crowd. >> it's obviouslybecome a worldwide phenomenon. >> reporter: he says the past week has been a whirl wind. he started this project on thursday night. less than a week later, he has 160,000 followers on twitter. his clues bring crowds of people, searching for his money filled envelopes. none of the people here got the money, but just about everybody left smiling. >> are you disappointed? >> no, there's more. still got all day. >> reporter: how fun is it? >> it's fun, it's exciting, we need this. >> reporter: hiddencash made his money in real estate. we checked and verified he does work in that industry. he says the online cash hunts aren't a stunt. >> if people are going to be skeptical, they're going to be skeptical, there's nothing i can do about that. this is just a fun way i can give back. >> reporter: he wants this game
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to go global. >> it has to become some type of moment. whether it's a foundation, or a social movement. >> reporter: hiddencash says he wants the treasure hunts to remain fun and civil. he says if people start to become violent, or rude while searching for his money, he will stop doing them. >> we were live on the air in mornings on 2, when one of the man spotted one of the envelopes. >> there it is! i've got it! yeah! >> alex doxie found $135 in that envelope, taped to a fire hydrant. he planned to take his wife out to dinner. that was a partial clip of him searching and celebrating. if you want to see the video in its entirety, we have posted it to you might say it's back to
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square one in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. the plane vanished on march 8, with 239 people onboard. now an official with the u.s. navy has concluded the four pings did not come from the black box flight recorders. the pings were discovered in early april, and were the best hope at the time. but extensive searching, 329 scare miles in the south indian ocean turned up no evidence of the plane. >> i'd have to say at this point, based on all of the imagery data that we've collected and looked at, if that black box were nearby we would have picked it up. >> a u.s. navy spokesperson disagreed saying it was speculation and they're still going over the data. the ocean search though, is on hold until august, when private companies will take over. opening statements are said to start tomorrow in the civil negligence suit by bryan stow against the l.a.
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dodgers and their former owner, frank mccourt. stow has been in the l.a. courtroom during jury selection, after potential jurors answered a six page questionnaire. stow was beaten on opening day in 2011 and has never fully recovered. the civil jury will decide whether the dodgers and mccourt provided sufficient security for that game. now back to the passing of maya angelou. the poet, and civil rights crusader touched so many lives. >> she had strong bay area connections. her son still lives in oakland, and today, he shared memories of his mother. rob roth told us, how she was once a fare collector on streetcars in san francisco. >> with the legal bearing of poor upbringing, maya angelou was a poet with a voice powerful enough to inspire. perhaps her most famous most when was bill clinton asked her
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to recite a poem at his inauguration in 1992. she had come a long way. as a teenager, she moved to san francisco from arkansas. that's her in this washington high school yearbook picture. her name then was marguerite johnson. and one of her first jobs was the first african american conductor. >> i wore a uniform, and i said step up please. >> we spoke with angelou's son, guy johnson who lives in oakland. he tells us what she would do when he misbehaved. >> she says, as a person of any conscious to do something like this. >> reporter: he told us what he missed most about his mother. >> her love, and the ability to call her. i saved her last message on my phone and i'll never take it off.
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>> reporter: cecil williams knew her well. >> i married her. >> a couple of times. >> that's right. about two or three times. just kept marrying her, it was, she would say, i'm ready. >> reporter: angelou rose to prominence with her book, i know why the caged bird sings, which talked about being raped as a child. >> we've got to step off the road, and cut a new path and go along there, if it doesn't, it's not terrible. step off the road. this is our life. this is all we have. >> reporter: maya angelou was 86 years old. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. gay rights leader, harvey milk was honored today. mayor ed lee tweeted this picture, honoring a new u.s. postage stamp that bears milk's image and name. it is already available at the
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post office. milk was one of the first openly gay elected officials in the united states. he was assassinated along with george moskoni in 1978. they see a lot of this, and are saying, this is not fair. >> the south bay city without water restrictions. >> a chance we could see wet weather. i'll tell you when cooler, cloudy conditions could create the opportunity for drizzle. >> one ye
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new video into the 10:00 news from san francisco, where
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a standoff is over. an armed robbery suspect has barricaded himself between 23rd and 24th street about 4:30 this afternoon. when our camera was there, we saw officers were moving possible evidence. police had to evacuate the building and call in a s.w.a.t. team as well as a hostage negotiator. that man surrendered to police. food officers are responding to an outbreak that continues to make californians sick. foster farms, which produced the tainted chicken, still has not issued a recall. the group called the center for science in the public interest has filed a lawsuit in court, it hopes to force the government to step in. no one has died from the outbreak, but more than 500 people have become ill. apple is confirming a huge deal with beats electronics. apple is spending $3 billion on the music company. the deal had been rumored for
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weeks. beats was founded by rapper dr. dre. it goes against founder steve jobs insistence, that apple create all its own products. some discouraging news for tesla today. it's credit rating was lowered. standard and poors lowered its ratings. a pull back on wall street. the dow dropped 42, the nasdaq lost 11. investors instead put their money into the bond market. lorenzo potrone has died. the restaurant had become a destination for locals and tourists when it opened in
11:42 pm
1970. patrone arrived here flat broke and worked tourlessly to make the restaurant a success. his father was known as the mayor of north beep. >> there's always somebody that somebody says i'm going to be just like him. that's what lorenzo was to a whole generation of immigrants. >> petroni seen here in past ktvu interviews was known as being a great host to everyone who visited the restaurant. a funeral mass is set for next tuesday at st. peters and paul church. giants star hunter pence has his scooter back. still ahead, why the scooter stolen on sunday, may not be back in his hands for long. >> tracking changes in the weather before the weekend. >> amidst severe
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new at 10:00, concern that not everyone's doing their part to conserve water. within the same district, some cities have tougher drought measures than others. a city that has a mandatory water restriction in place right now. >> reporter: frank, back in effect, the santa clara water district sent a 20% reduction lout the county. here in more in-- morgan hill. >> he says he's doing all he can to conserve water. >> if my trees go dry, i lose my livelihood for years. >> reporter: to protect his lifeblood, he is hoping others do the same. yet in this report presented
11:46 pm
this week, few cities in santa clara county have enacted tough conservation measures. gilroy milpitas, and santa clara have yet to have restrictions. >> it doesn't appear the message is getting to a lot of the cities. >> reporter: dennis kennedy thinks not all cities are doing their share. >> i'm disappointed that it's taken so long to see real progress. >> reporter: district water supply manager says the solution wasn't so black and white. since some cities are using blended water supply sources. >> currently calling for a 10%
11:47 pm
reduction, whereas, we're looking for a 20% county wide reduction. so those cities are evaluating how best to set a target that meets the needs of their water users. >> reporter: still that farmer i spoke to says the county needs to work together to get through this drought. the next update will be in june. water board members hope water agencies will tighten up their restrictions by then. reporting live in morgan hill, ktvu, channel 2 news. a bay area student has advanced to the semifinals of the scripps national spelling bee. >> recalcitrant. >> correct. >> good for her. the 14-year-old is an 8th grader at san lawson middle school in cupertino. she is one of only 46 students
11:48 pm
out of 11 million who made it to the semifinals. the championship round takes place tomorrow night. ♪ [ music ] high temperatures on your thursday will be just like they were today. so here they are. get ready for tomorrow. these are the eyes for today. less wind tomorrow, with less wind, i think we'll see a little bit warmer conditions coast side. what we're not seeing along the coast is coastal fog. that's kept temperatures in pacifica, and half moon bay in the mid-60s. it's clear right now out in the sunset district, out on daly city, it's clear. not the typical situation for this time of night, or this time of year. but no fog. i think we'll see the fog return as we head into friday. what's going on up here? a red flag warning for these areas. they do include vacaville, and fairfield, and vallejo. that red flag warning stays in effect thursday until 8:00. so tomorrow night, 8:00.
11:49 pm
the current conditions, for temperatures, mostly in the 50s. it's going to be kind of chilly tonight. overnight lows last night, some of the cold spots were in the 50s. that's chilly tonight. as you get going tomorrow morning, you'll notice exactly what you noticed this morning. same thing tomorrow, we had today with less wind. this high pressure system is going away. this low keeps coming down the coast. it just kind of is going to bounce around, right over the bay area tomorrow, friday, saturday, and sunday. on friday, the colder portion of that low gets here. it will bring clouds on friday. the clouds start to increase. by saturday, that should be the coolest day of the week. it's not going to be cold, it's just going to be cooler. san jose, 62 degrees right now. kind of mild in san jose. downtown san jose tomorrow duplicates what they did today. a nice looking day in san jose for your thursday. friday is going to be a bit cooler. as we move through the next couple of days, a slight
11:50 pm
cooling trend for friday and saturday. sunday, it warms up a little. but you see it in the five day. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, just like today. we've got a good air quality for sure. the red flag warning, is real, it's just not that strong of a red flag warning. it did meet the criteria, so the national weather service in sacramento put that up. i think we're fine around here, we'll always keep an eye on it. 79 at woodside. the five-day forecast with your bay area always in view. here's what i'm talking about. that gets closer. the change comes on friday, slightly cooler, and a little bit of fog. noticeable cooling, with that chance. wet weather, drizzle, call it what you will, on saturday morning. saturday, ends up being the coolest day on the bay area weekend. can't complain, there's nothing wrong with any of that. >> it's been a good run. >> thanks, bill. giants outfielder, hunter
11:51 pm
pence is smiling again, now that his stolen scooter has been returned. san francisco police said today a group of people brought it back. here's a picture of that scooter next to a backup. pence tweeted together again. i want to thank him for keeping san francisco clean. he may nowauction off that returned scooter. what an end to the a's game tonight. >> all around good stuff for both the giants and the a's. but in oakland, it was the specialty of the house. the walkoff. followed by the celebratory pie in the face. victory over oakland's playoff nemesis, the detroit tigers. sanchez masterful on the mound and getting help. raja davis. the tiger 4th, scott kazmir
11:52 pm
also brilliant. his only blemish, torii hunter takes him yard. 1-0 lead. that was it, into the bottom of the 9th, sanchez relieved by joe nathan. two on for josh donaldson. ticket to ride down the left field line. 3-run walkoff homer for a's, should be all-star first baseman. it wouldn't be oakland if you didn't do that. kazmir, the win. his first complete game in eight years. now that the mystery of the missing scooter is basically solved, hunter pence and the rest of the giants can continue smoothly steering their way through the national league west. that, they are doing. cubs look overmatched against the giants the last couple of games. 20 scoreless innings thrown at them by giants pitching. tim lincecum, no hits. he had help from pablo at third. and it is the bat for pablo. 8 straight games with at least
11:53 pm
an rbi. single in the 6th, fetches a run. 1-0. later they would break it open. sanchez, a shot to the alley in left-center field. that's going to bring home two. the giants take it 5-0 over the cubs. 5.5 game lead now over the l.a. dodgers. meantime, countdown to the nfl season is on. colin kaepernick downright passible wi my dad worked as a short order cook. right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone.
11:54 pm
and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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this just into the ktvu newsroom, lebron james is human after all. quite probably the worst playoff game ever for him.
11:57 pm
the lowest postseason total of his career. lance stephenson, and the sweet nothings and lebron will crack a bit of a smile. trying to get into his head. pacers outscore the heat 31-15 in the 3rd. paul george in the midst of most of it. james would play a small role despite playing only 25 minutes. comes through here with a three, we're tied. 81-81. with about 3:50 left. the heat in the final seconds down, can actually win it. lebron will go to chris bosh. pretty good look from out in the corner, no. your final, 93-90. game 6, miami, friday night. meantime, 99 days until the nfl season is upon us. volunteer sessions for the 49ers. colin kaepernick spoke to the media about his game. i think there's something that i constantly think about. not just red zone, but my play in general. how can i improve. how can i be better throughout
11:58 pm
the game, whether it's taking a check down, whether it's making a big throw at the end of of the championship game. what can
11:59 pm
12:00 am
warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz", >> so, benzino, big hip hop mogul says the flight attendants on air [bleep] they didn't think he was suitable to sit in first class which raises the question. >> you have to admit you flew air transient. to i wouldn't tell anybody. pussycat


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